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Among billions of people, we might have been fortunate enough to get a good education that might have positioned us to lead a better life. Not everyone is that fortunate..!!!

There are number of reasons why a child is deprived of education or even sometimes have to drop out due to unfortunate incidents that happen in their life. It is just not the existing children who fall into this category, that we target but we try to analyse the reasons behind such cases and come up with solutions that will protect such children.

The reason can be anything like losing a sole earning family member or a parent farmer committing a suicide. We would want to protect the family member at the first instance, along with helping the children in family complete their education so that the generation comes out of a cycle of illiterate class.

With education, quality & health of all students associated with Government schools in rural, as our primary motto we also help senior citizens in urban areas to become independent to get their basic needs fulfilled while their children are away from them for work.

We are Helping Hands

As long as you are standing , give a hand to those who have fallen

Our Vision

Branding & Management of Government schools in remote villages making the environment healthy enough, so that the children feel the joy of education and so the teachers teaching them.

Our Mission

Talk about rural and the remotest village, we want every child studying in government school exposed to e-learning methods so that they can compete during their higher studies.

Come urban we want to help senior citizens to make friends of their age getting them involved in activities that they enjoy, while their children & grand children stay away from them, help them with basic digital world so that they can be independent for their basic needs.

Our History

Learning a strong lesson from life, about how education can dramatically change one’s life, a thought process was shared amongst the like minded & related people from various professions. The idea of giving back to the society in some means made our decisions strong to work for cause that we had faced. Whether it may be having to borrow books from a friend or getting a ride on a bicycle to make sure we reach the school in time or to see our old grandparents meet our friends in their old age, which is somewhere lost nowadays. The beauty of having like mind of doing for society but having different causes and their ideas to execute them, environmental care was one of the cause shared by a member who has migrated from a beautiful & green town to a big city where the concrete jungle is growing day by day.

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