Adopt – A Parent’s Health

Donated: Rs.25,000.00

We at D-Shield Charitable Trust are trying to drive this message into the minds of the parents of the government school children who neglect their health and don’t know how important it is for them to stay healthy and disease free for the sake of their own selves and their children who are dependent on them.

We aim to conduct blood screening tests for the parents of the kids studying in government schools. Since most of the times a single parent is the sole bread earner or both parents work in jobs that have meager pay but involve too much labour; they tend to ignore their health. Many times if the earning member is sick and the treatment cost is too high-it is already too late and they are just running from pole to post trying to find some money for treatment.

We cannot blame them for this ignorance though. They didn’t have the privilege to study and know that a blood test once a year could possibly save their lives. They don’t know if they have low hemoglobin and many women die during childbirth because of iron deficiency anemia. Reason : lack of awareness about health check up!

Similarly a simple blood test could help detect diabetes, thyroidism, calcium deficiency, any damage to kidney or lungs at nascent stages.

All these diseases have the potential to ruin families. For example: diabetes can cause non-healing ulcers in the foot and make the person bed ridden and unemployable for a long period of time.

An alcoholic father could mean liver damage which if found early could still save a family. We are all aware how alcoholism ruins lives!

Wondering why we are concerned for the parents of the school children and how does all these connect? If something happens to the parents then the child becomes an orphan, his dream of leading a decent life shatters in most cases. If they are the elder among all siblings they have to start working at an age when they should be studying.

We conduct completely free BLOOD SCREENING CAMPS for the parents of these children. Obviously we wish to expand and make the services available to every villager irrespective of the fact whether their child goes to school or they don’t yet have a child. But to do so we need funds and that’s where amazing people who are reading this can help.

Please let us come together and make this happen. We have been blessed with education, money and above all-awareness. Let us help those who aren’t so blessed and need us.

We collect the data from Government schools for the parents who are above 35 years of age and arrange blood screening camps. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a full camp do reach out to us on our support email id and together we can make it happen.

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