Donated: Rs.108,995.98
Vidya Mandir Magdum Mala, Kutwad:

Ample amount of food supplies, daily needs, school bags, books were received as a flood relief from various organizations to the village of Kutwad and the families are settling down although each & every item and mental shock is something that cannot be recovered. During our visit, the school requested us if we can provide sweaters to the children & their parents. From the donations received for the flood relief we planned for a donation of sweater to each family member of the child studying in this school. The school children were also not having shoes and most of them lost it during the floods, so we planned to donate one pair of shoes to each child.

Total No of Children – 18 (Primary) + 22 (Anganwadi)

Sweaters were donated to all the children studying in this school, their one sibling (brother or sister), mother & father.

Receipt of Donation:

Total Amount Spent – Rs. 40,000 /- 

Vidya Mandir, Banwadi:

The Vidya Mandir school in Banwadi had big impact during floods and the whole school was submerged under water during the floods. The flooring, windows, paints & toilet is completely damaged. As of January, 2020 the school doesn’t appear to have received any help for these repairs. We have taken a step forward to take care of some of these repairs from the donation received.

Total No of Children – 10

Total classrooms damaged – 3, Total toilets damaged – 3

Status – In progress to get the repairs done for the damage caused by floods

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