Adopt – A Tree

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Have you seen a parent saying that my responsibility is completed once a child is born?

Try co-relating this with planting a tree. Does your responsibility finish just by planting a tree or donating a tree? As the parents take care of their child, feed them to make the baby grow into child and then adult, likewise trees are to be treated. They need to be maintained or else they would just die of hunger. Well there is a substantial difference though, in maintaining a child and maintaining a tree. You don’t need to spend Lacs of rupees towards their education making the plant child less expensive to be maintained. All they need is a little time given by their guardian to feed them and check for any diseases they may fall prey to, still an effort and cost to maintain it.

Adopting a tree through our NGO gives you track of your tree on how it is progressing on a yearly basis, if there are some issues with the tree. Not all trees are fortunate to stay alive with changing weather conditions or may fall prey to some diseases over the period of time. We intimate you all such things so that in case of a plant dies, we plant a new one for it.

Let’s take a step together to Adopt a tree for its lifetime so that we just don’t end our duty in purchasing a tree but also give a healthy life to it.

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