Contribute – A School Revamp

Donated: Rs.20,000.00

While the children from middle & high class families are nowadays enjoying the benefits of smart boards, tabs, affiliated to foreign universities for better exposure & sharing on e-books, the story of some Government run schools in villages still do not have basic facilities.

So how does having a basic facility or healthy surrounding help a child for their better education?  – Imagine working in a store room of a company against the neat n tidy cubicle. You will definitely enjoy working in cubicle with higher efficiency and the productivity while it will turn out be the most boring project if you had to work in a store room due to some reasons. Or just think how pleasant your place of worship in your home is against the store room. The same rule applies when it comes to learning in an environment where you have all basic facilities in place. They don’t need to be high fi or expensive but neat and well maintained creating a healthy environment for the children and ensure they are kept motivated to continue their education with fullest of their efforts.

Basic Amenities Aid Include –

  1. Providing ergonomically comfortable desks
  2. Water purifier units
  3. Separate toilets for Girls & Boys – no matter how small the kids are
  4. Shared peon services amongst nearby schools to have at least weekly cleaning services
  5. Sanitation pad vending machines for Secondary schools

Many parents feel disappointed of their child learning in schools where basic facilities are not present. But the parents can’t really help due to their economical condition being not sound enough to send the child to a well facility aided school. Our motto is to psychologically destroy this feeling by doing a revamp and rebranding of such schools.

Moreover the teachers and the staff from the school will also be motivated and teach with more enthusiasm if all these basic facilities are addressed and maintained. This will lead to a improvement of quality of education and better generation next passing out of the school.

These students are already learning with the environment they have been put in, not by choice, but by their family condition. All we need to take a step to revamp these schools is –

  • For their motivation
  • Creating a nice, clean and tidy environment
  • Reason for them to go to school eveeryday
  • Reason for their parents to send their child to school everyday
  • Reason for teachers to feel proud about their knowledge sharing
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