Sharing God’s Wealth

Donated: Rs.21,000.00

At one time or the other you must have donated denominations like Rs 101/- , 501/-, 1001/- and so on in temple donation pots or maybe you still do so regularly. So why not donate some share of it for a cause for someone who would benefit from Rs 11/- also!

Rs 11/- on the 11th day of month and Rs 21/- on the 21st day of month won’t set you back monetarily but can surely help the government school children afford a much needed pen or a pencil or a family’s one time food can be taken care off!

As an initiative of taking little bit of God’s share and donating it to human beings for their needs lets come together and support this cause. All the needy ones have, is basket full of blessings to offer and you would surely get them by helping them this way.

We aren’t asking you to send all your donations this way- just wishing that you will donate Rs 11/- every 11th day of the month.

What you gain? You will be the reason for a smile of some child. You must be thinking if you donate just Rs 11 what difference would it make ? One copy and a pen? A point to differ- if even 100 people donates Rs 11 every month ;it becomes 11*100=Rs 1100. Now this will make difference, right? 100 is the minimum number of people we are hoping would chime in but we are sure there are lots of kind hearted people out there reading this article and already planning on helping these kids with their donation.

No contribution is small. Every contribution counts and we can change the future of these kids with our contribution however small or insignificant it may look to us. But in reality it is enough to make someone smile.

Donations made through this campaign are used towards Education or Health or Hunger.

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