Sponsor – An Educational Trip

Donated: Rs.2,500.00

We know how most government school children go to school for that one mid-day meal. Come, let’s join hands and make going to school more enjoyable for them. Let us try to give them more reason to attend school, learn and become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

An educational trip gives the less fortunate students a chance to travel to a new location.

This trip will help them learn how to co-operate with each other in a group and also respect the rules of the location.

The teacher can use this opportunity to teach them outside the classroom and make studies fun by conducting quizzes, asking them to perform simple tasks.

A visit to the planetarium or museum might not be a big deal for many but these children can learn better and much faster if given the opportunity. They can learn many new things that might not be mentioned in their text-book.

Ever wondered how would a kid benefit by visiting an anatomy museum? It would be quite a learning experience to know how the heart and brain really looks like, no?

We think the same goes for every trip that we can give these children- there will always be some valuable lesson they learn and also something the teacher wasn’t quite able to teach in class might become easy on such a trip!

Sadly government school students don’t have this luxury of learning while they enjoy. They cannot afford the money it would require to hire a bus or lunch or even the museum ticket fee (say).

That is where we who have been blessed with good education, a decent job can come forward to help these children and make their educational trip possible. Let us make it possible for them to enjoy a day where they forget their worries, laugh, play around, learn the importance of education on the go.

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