Who doesn’t like birthdays? We all do, right? But not everybody is lucky to enjoy that day like others.

Cake-cutting, distributing chocolates to friends or throwing a birthday party is sadly a luxury few people can afford. With half the population living in poverty this is a sad reality.

Children attending government schools for instance probably haven’t had a sumptuous meal or payasam  on their birthday. Families of these children cannot afford anything special. These children grow up unaware of what celebrating birthday feels like.

We should come forward and do something for these children. Make them feel special for a day and want them to have a cake and also see their sparkling eyes while their classmates enjoy a slice of cake on the occasion of his/her birthday .

We want to organize cake cutting for these children and let them have some fun on this special day. So we request you to come forward and help us in achieving this.

So you must be thinking how we plan to go about with this? We intend to send cakes at month end so that all the children having birthdays in that particular month can cut a cake and the classmates can indulge in eating the cake 🙂 Also, you can donate money and help the cause but if you want, you can come along and see them happy!

Come help us in making a child smile. We need good souls like you to make this world a little better and happier for these kids.