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We have made our life, lets make someone else’s.

Corporate Social Responsibility should not only be limited to Human Resource but by each resource by being human while we are busy in making money for our family. Each individual contributor is part of the success in making a delivery of project in timely manner & with a quality. Likewise your contribution towards Corporate Social Responsibility, no matter how small it is, for example making your cubicle colleague aware about the issues in society or discussing over a coffee, about the causes you identify when you happen to visit a place or your village where there are still basic needs to be addressed.

We are providing a platform to tie up with us no matter how small your contribution towards Society would be, but we already have identified some causes and people who are waiting on someone to help them.

We believe in making connections and not just donations, so that you get a peace of mind of directly helping out someone along with the social responsibility of your corporate.

Get in a car along with your colleagues on a weekend and visit the schools that we try to help, interact with their teachers, children to get the experience of how much is there to offer. We are sure you will never forget the picnic. You can even join us in the blood screening programs of the parents of children from Government Schools to see how they feel when they see an unknown person or a group caring so much for their health with a vision to ultimately secure their child’s education continuity.

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