Dear Kind Hearted Peoples….

Thank You for your donation of Used Clothes. Any used clothes you donate would definitely give cover to a person who is in need along with the warmth of your feelings you have donated them with.

  1. Clothes should be in good condition and washed/dry cleaned and Ironed. We only accept Ready to wear clothes.
  2. We do not collect clothes so you will either need to ship them to us in a box or drop at theĀ  – “802, Rusabh Heritage, Left Bhusari Colony, Kothrud, Pune – 411 038”
  3. Please make sure you check with us by calling on +91 9421328582 or sending a WhatsApp on the same for the collection timings in case you are planning to drop the clothes.




Diwali, Eid, Christmas. The occasions which excites us the most. The mere name of these occasions brings us a lot of refreshing memories and the coming of these events brings the joy of buying new clothes, preparation of different kinds of sweets and giving our loved ones gifts which they desire for. In all of this, we often forget about those people who live around us doing the small things for us and in return they get a handful amount of money which merely fulfill there daily needs. These people are sweepers, house maids, garbage pickers and all those people whose work is ignored by us in our daily routine life.

We have got so much busy with our lives that we often ignore people who perform the pity tasks which are forbidden by us. At the time of fests, in our moments we forget that they are also human beings. They also want to celebrate festivals by wearing new clothes and by having good food. But with the available sources they are not able to do so. Maybe they can but what about those who live on the streets and cannot even afford proper clothing. They are not getting proper food too and live by begging from others.

CAN YOU HELP THEM? Of course, YOU can.

If you think that you can then you will. You just need to make friends and families aware of this and the cause can come into effect. You just need to follow some steps.

  • Now-a-days we are not able to manage old clothes and give it to the needy. So we can contribute a little amount of money towards clothing so we would buy them new clothes during the festivals.
  • We can increase our donation by telling our relatives and friends about this cause so they can also contribute towards this good deed.
  • You can also contact us if you want to make a donation and can be a part of us.
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