Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by our site visitors

What is the intention of Shop N Help Section

This is one of our unique initiatives in order to cut down the cost of operation. Suppose you would like to place an online order and we have them as listed affiliates. You purchase a product of Rs. 1000, an affiliate may give us Rs. 10 as it was routed through our website. This amount goes in our administration account so that we reduce the burden of admin cost from the donation amounts for a cause. We believe that maximum of the donated money should be gone to cause. For the online portal you don’t know there are search engines but for the ones you know why not go through us.

How do Smart Initiatives Help Society?

Smart Initiatives are the dishes cooked by our techno savvy chef’s. With an intention to protect various sectors, our Smart Society Management System protects a residential society from intruders. Take our multipurpose Smart vehicle Permits that provides immediate help or atleast notifies the family member of a person involved in an incident on a roadside, so that the issue is addressed while maintaining the privacy of the one who helps, by use of simple SMS.

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