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We help plan and execute a cause you care about, no matter where you stay in the world. 

Whether you are a foreign national or an NRI having a desire to help the needy ones, our Non Profit is looking out to connect with you or your organization. Idea behind it is simple, you or your group just needs to fill in the form provided so that we know what cause you are interested in and we can connect with you and share the project that we have in our pipeline. If you are travelling to India for holidays, we can even plan for your engagement with the projects so that you get involved for a day at the time of execution and get to know the people who have benefitted with our projects.

We are seeking for long term relationships with you or your groups. While staying abroad, you might be arranging a small get together on account of an occasion or a festival where you might meet like minded people to help someone way back in your country but do not have a means to do so. It is like virtually getting involved in helping people, beyond the concept of just donating online.

You might be a person who is travelling to India for a holiday but would like to meet the needy people or connect with them personally, our team will help you. Spending a day or two with these people will definitely add a topping of satisfaction to your trip.


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