Road Accident Reporting



Our Motto

Report Vehicle Incidents.

God Forbid, the vehicle encounters an incident on a road and if people fear to get involved in the same or they do not know whom to reach out in case of an emergency associated with the vehicle. They just need to send a simple SMS with the vehicle number and area of the incident from their mobile number and the emergency contacts associated with the vehicle are alarmed with an SMS and the details of location of incident is shared with them. Moreover the details of sender are kept confidential unless they want to be shared.

Please fill up few details as provided in the form on this page and we will get you set up as soon as possible.

Follow The Steps To Check Out Demo

——– Report Incident Of A Vehicle

  1.  To test the SMS functionality (for reporting the incident of vehicle), send the SMS as DSHIELD INCIDENT : MH99XX9999-Wakad Pune-411057 To 92205 92205
  2. Once you send the SMS you should get a confirmation SMS (demo for now) that the Incident has been reported to the Emergency contact of this vehicle.
  3. Your contact details are not shared, but the contact details of Emergency person will be sent to you keeping it optional for you either to contact them over call, otherwise they are just notified about the incident.
Please enter the license plate number of your vehicle without any dash (-). For e.g. if your vehicle number is MH-99-AB-9999 then enter MH99AB9999
Type of vehicle
Mobile number of the person who drives the vehicle often
Blood Group Type (In case of emergency)
Birth Date of Owner in format DD-MM-YYYY
Mobile Number of First Emergency Contact
Mention the relationship of the first emergency contact person with you
Mobile Number of Second Emergency Contact
Mention the relationship of the second emergency contact person with you
Pin Code of residence of owner
Email Address of owner or primary contact
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