Smart Senior Citizens



Dependability is their weak point, Let’s make them Smart.

Today’s young generation being extremely busy in their routine schedule, it becomes too difficult for their elderly family members to carry on with their simple day to day needs. Our parents count on the young generation for an assistance to get their medicines or to get some milk or fruits for them. This makes them dependable for their simple daily needs.

We have taken up an initiative to make your parents independent, at least for their emergency needs. We conduct online trainings for Senior citizens to make them smart in getting used to digital world so that they can take care of basic needs. Moreover, once they are comfortable with this monster digital world, they can be a helping hand to you and your family. In today’s world, lots of people shift from small town to a metropolitan city to make their career. With a good intent and so that their parents are taken care of very well, they bring their retired parents to stay with them. But such parents usually feel lonely and sometimes feel as if they are liabilities to their hard working children’s. In order to make them help connect with people of their age in the new city they have landed, learning basic digital stuffs will add to their happiness. Also, you may never know they would help some of their friend in getting the basic need to them when their family is not at home just staying connected the web.

So we request you to encourage your parents to enrol with us and leave it rest to us to make them independent. They have made you independent as you grew up and now it’s your turn to pay it back. Making them independent and well versed with today’s basic technology will definitely help when they are looking for some urgent help and you are not around.

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