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Security isn’t expensive it’s priceless.

Smart Visitor Management System is one of the Smart Initiative on a Non Profit basis. The intention is to secure the residential & commercial premises and prevent any intruders by recording the spyers details. The system just doesn’t record the details of the intruders but also verifies them instantly ensuring only genuine or known visitors are allowed access. Smart security system protects your family members and home from robbers. Make your home secure and safe.

Most of the societies maintain Visitor Log Registers, where the details of visitors are taken. There is no way that Security Guard can verify the Mobile Number entered by the visitor is correct or not. Since all the mobile numbers are nowadays linked to an Aadhaar card, only a verified Mobile Number can help trace the intruder and it will be helpful for the Police Team to investigate in case of an unlikely event in your society. Our NGO has come up with an extremely simple, easy to maintain and smart visitor record system on a Non Profit basis.

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