International Travellers Seeking Companions

A unique Non-Profit initiative by “D-SHIELD Charitable Trust”, especially for senior citizens who travel abroad alone to meet their family. Although there is an excitement of meeting their family, sometimes there is a fear among both, the senior citizens and their family, on if the travel would be hassle free. This might be due to number of reasons, people travelling first time internationally, having flight connections in foreign land, having a medical condition, etc. We try to connect individuals or families who are willing to help such travellers to make the travel worry free.

List a family member as Traveller: Text/WhatsApp your details on +91 9421328582

Wish to help the Travellers listed: SMS “DSHIELD TRAVEL : <URN>” to 92205 92205


  • Travellers and the ones who wish to help should meet in person
  • Please do not accept or give excess luggage
  • Gather information about the ones helping, like how many people are travelling, are they solo or family

** Our trust does not take responsibility of checking the travellers information or the ones who are helping them through this portal. This service is just to connect the people with a noble intention to help the travellers who are travelling for first time or with any medical condition. Any verification is to be done by the individuals. 

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